How To Go Koh Tarutao Satun Thailand

In the Andaman Sea at the area of the Strait of Malacca in the Indian Ocean, Koh Sarai Sub District, Muang District.

Koh Tarutao Satun Thailand Koh Tarutao Satun

How to go : Koh Tarutao is about 22 km from Pakbara Pier. The public boats from Pakbara Pier services everyday in the tour season taking about 2 hours leaving the per in the morning. There is also the boat service from Koh Tarutao to Koh Lipe everyday during the tour season which takes about 2 hours.

Koh Tarutao Koh Tarutao Satun Thailand

Attractions: Mu Koh Tarutao, Thailandís first Marine National Park comprises 52 islands and Koh Tarutao is the largest and most well-known island for worldwide tourists. The island is the historical area that used to be the jail of the political prisoners and also boasting of the very beautiful and fertile nature which is so-called the touring center among other islands of Mu Koh Tarutao

Koh Tarutao Satun Koh Tarutao

    Beaches: Being the large island, Koh Tarutao has several beautiful beaches such as Phante Mallacca Bay which is the islandís tour center having shops, accommodation and camping area located at delightful atmosphere and not crowded due to the very wide area. The road from Phante Malacca Beach leads to other beaches like Ao Mo and Ao Son Beach, the area for camping.

    Koh Tarutao Satun Thailand

    Waterfalls: Koh Tarutaoís fertile forest in the source of several streams and waterfalls, though quite small size such as the waterfalls at the area of Son Bay and Thalowao Bay rested amidst the rush forest which is also the bird watching area.

    Koh Tarutao Satun

    Viewpoints: Located on the mountain behind the National Park Office at Talowao Bay. When reaching Pha Tobu at 370 m above the sea level, you will see the panoramic view of the islands not far from the beach and the wonderful Phante Malacca Bay.

    Koh Tarutao

    Malacca Canal: If you fee a bit bored of the sea and its surroundings, try a long-tailed boat and sails against Malacca Canal which will destinate at the sea, seeing the fertile mangrove forests and Than Chora Ke (Crocodile Cave). Contact for long-tailed boat renting at the pier.

    Koh Tarutao Satun Thailand
Facilities: All facilities including restaurants, medical center, residences and camping area are located at Phante Malacca Bay which is the site of the National Park and the touring center. Contact for accommodation in advance due to a large number of tourists and limitation of the residence.
Mu Koh Tarutao National Park Tel 0 7478 3485, 0 7472 9002-3

Koh Tarutao Satun Koh Tarutao
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